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What affiliate marketing is about

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With the growing number of people making money online daily, affiliate marketing has become a common phrase. Most bloggers become a part of an affiliate network so that they will be able to make even more money from the traffic they generate on their blogs.

To make the most out of affiliate marketing, however, you must understand precisely how it works. You should know how to start and know the best strategies to use for affiliate marketing. It is not just enough to join a network; you must know how to maximize the opportunity.

Many people have a lot of unanswered questions about affiliate marketing. Are you among those trying to get a grasp of what this entails, or are you just wondering which of the affiliate networks is best? Read on then because we will address your questions and more below.


1. How exactly does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing is an arrangement between a business (usually online retailers) and an individual who has agreed to market (marketer). The marketer is to be paid commissions on traffic and sales they can generate to the business owners’ site. 

Simply, what happens in affiliate marketing is that an individual makes money (usually called commissions) from referring readers or visitors to a particular business’s product or service. 

Bloggers can decide to partner with a particular company to which they will become affiliate marketers. The responsibility they have is to promote the goods and services offered by this company. The blogger may decide to place links, banners, or button ads within their posts so that their readers can see their affiliate products or services and desire to buy them. 

You may be wondering how all of this translates to money for you. Here it is! The links banners or buttons you include in your posts have a unique user ID embedded in them during the coding stage. So that every time a user clicks on them and makes a purchase on the site, it reflects the affiliates that you referred to the particular customer using your link, and then you will be paid to your account the agreed amount for the commission.

Summarily, once you join an affiliate network, you need to find a particular product or service you want to promote! After that, your ability to create traffic and track sales guarantees your commission.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners - Build an email list

2. How then do I start affiliate marketing?

You can become an affiliate to a company either through an affiliate network or directly from the business as far as they have an e-commerce channel. 

The process is simple. You will need to identify which of the affiliate networks you want to join, and then go to their website and sign up. The signup process for most affiliate networks is equally simple and usually does not require any payments.  

You will now begin to create blog posts that promote the particular product or service you have chosen. All of this is because your job as an affiliate marketer is to ensure continuous traffic to the affiliate product or service.

For example, if you partner with an online grocery store as a food blogger, it either you create a post that shows your readers where you find some products you love to use, or you can just include pictures, stickers, and links that send your reader to products offered by the company. You may add photos of fresh fruits and vegetables on your screen the next time you post, but your pictures or links should relate to the post; we don’t want to have our readers confused! 


3. What are some examples of affiliate networks I can join?

With the variety of affiliate networks available, it may seem a task to choose which of them to join. It is more advisable to join more than one network. This way, you will have various products and services to promote or write about – helping you avoid repeated boring blog posts.

Whether you decide to use Clickbank, ShareASale, Awin, Maxbounty, Flexoffers, they all share similar features even though they have their different commission rates. 

However, the most popularly used ones include;

You may find them popularly called CJ Affiliates, and in fact, it’s not a difficult process signing up with them. They grant you the platform to review and refer products. 

They are one of the oldest networks and can pass as the easiest way to earn affiliate income. Since Amazon has developed an excellent market for herself, you can just build different niches on Amazon niche sites, and there review products that appear on Amazon.com or .co.uk.

You can research some of their guidelines and rates here.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners - Website Traffic

4. How do I create traffic to my affiliate product or service as an affiliate marketer?

While it is an excellent strategy to have joined an affiliate network as a blogger, the increase in income you desire depends on your ability to create traffic to the affiliate product or service. Over time, this has become a significant challenge for most affiliate marketers, but it’s not so hard; you can seamlessly generate traffic to your affiliate product or service without losing your blogger’s touch. Here are a few things to note when considering how to generate traffic as a great affiliate marketer;  

Keep it real: It’s not just enough that you want to be an affiliate marketer; you must also be able to connect to your audience. You should weigh your options and choose to market something you could buy (even if not at the moment). That helps you to create content that can persuade your reader.

For example, travel bloggers should typically be considering setting up partnerships with food vendors or electronic gadgets stores, so they can seamlessly weave their content into their posts. In cases where the individual has a flair for something else, they can still incorporate it into their posts. 

You don’t need to be an affiliate to a company with zero interest in their products!

  • Build the right content:

As a blogger, you must aim to create rich content for your readers or viewers, even though you will need to invest much time and effort to bring engaging and resourceful posts. It is worth it because it is not only a great SEO strategy, but you cannot afford to have your viewers getting bored or leaving your posts unsatisfied just because you couldn’t meet their needs.

  • Watch your tone:

When creating a blog post, you usually have two options: a blogger and an affiliate marketer. You could create a full post about the affiliate program offer, or you subtly include suggestions to your reader or viewer that leads them to your affiliate program’s offer.

However, you need to be careful not to turn your blog to a commercial. You must be able to convince your reader, making them see why you refer them to your affiliate program without sounding like a salesperson and losing the originality that is characteristic of your posts. Your choice of words is crucial!

  • Utilize the right SEO strategies: 

You can drive quality traffic to your post from search engines when you use the right SEO strategies; you should be willing to incorporate a lot of these SEO strategies.

One of the most common tactics for generating significant organic traffic now is the skyscraping technique. In skyscraping, you will choose the best content for a specific keyword and then try to expand it, making it even better than the original. 

You must also not forget the choice and use of top keywords and improve your post’s readability. 


5. What strategies can I use in affiliate marketing?

As a good affiliate marketer, you must know how to use the right strategies on your blog posts to promote the companies service or product. There are so many techniques you can decide to incorporate. Some amazing strategies include;

  • Email listing: in email listing, you build a solid list of subscribers; this means that you create a relationship with your customers through their email addresses. You keep in touch, sending them emails on any upgrades or improvements on your product. By doing this consistently over time, you develop your audience’s trust in you. You can have different ways to build an email list.   
  • Upselling: what happens in upselling is that the customer is encouraged to make another purchase, usually after purchasing a more expensive one. A lot of times, the products or services traded in this manner are ones often used together.
  • Paid traffic: Many bloggers prefer to buy traffic through ad networks like Google Adwords and other platforms like Facebook. While it seems like a lazy way out, it is indeed an easy way out, but it is in no way sluggish. Most social media handles do not entertain the idea of posting your affiliate links freely, so you should be careful when promoting on social media. You should direct your traffic from your social media to your website, where they will be able to find your affiliate links.


6. What resources can teach me about affiliate marketing? 

After going through this, you may want to go into affiliate marketing. The place of knowledge in affiliate marketing cannot be overemphasized. Take out time to go through these materials as they have the depth of experience that will ensure that you know the best strategies and when to implement them.

Some of these resources include;

  • Passive income ideas: It involves a list of ideas that can generate your passive income. It details how you can set all of them up in just a matter of months. So you can understand affiliate marketing and traffic generation concerning time.
  • Affiliate marketing 101: Especially for the beginner, Ahmad ben writes on his life from being a full eight-hour-worker to being a full-time internet marketer. You will be able to learn from his mistakes and be inspired by his driving forces.
  • Making sense of affiliate marketing: Here, Mitchell Schroder gives a simplified yet detailed course on affiliate marketing; she also shares her success story. She now makes up to a hundred thousand dollars monthly from her blog.
  • The rise of Dr. Ngo: This is another success story that explains the step-by-step process involved in achieving success as an affiliate marketer. Charles Ngo writes so many parts that you will need to go through despite the bulk of every piece.
  • Affiliate marketing 101: learning the lingo: Here, you can understand affiliate marketing language. It gives insight into all terms used in the industry.
  • How affiliate marketing works: Written by Rae Hoffman, you will able to clearly understand the whole process involved in affiliate marketing, from the point of signup to that moment when the income even begins to come.
  • What to do when “all the good ideas are already taken”: Here, Pat Flynn deals with the everyday frustrations of being an affiliate.


7. But do I have to disclose my affiliation?

Yes. The federal trade commission (FDC) law expects you always to include a statement called an “affiliate disclosure statement” on any page that has an affiliate link. Guidelines are governing them, though that you may want to check out.

We hope we have answered your questions! You can always drop us a note or refer to the research materials that have been provided for you. You will get more information on how to be a blogger making about $100k monthly from affiliate marketing alone. Yes, it is possible!


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