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Part Time night Job

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If you have been looking for a part time night job to keep yourself busy with, this article is for you.

Often, people are confused about what part time night job to take to have an extra stream of income. You may need the job as a second job to complement the one you already have, or perhaps you’re a student looking to land a part-time job for some extra money, or you want a part time night job you can do from home. 

Whatever the reason may be, I have just the jobs you may want to consider applying for, according to your skills and expertise, of course.

Starting a part-time job can be in either of two ways:

  1. Creating your own side hustle/small business
  2. Part-time jobs as a freelancer or employee


Starting a side hustle/small business

Everyone wants to be able to create time for themselves and work on their own terms. This is the primary advantage of owning your own side hustle.

Some of the sides hustle you can engage in are:

  • Affiliate Marketing: 

Affiliate marketing generates passive income by promoting other people’s products through an affiliate network and earning a commission when these products are bought because of your marketing. This is very easy to start, and less capital intensive side hustles to start. All that is required is your marketing abilities to make sales and earn.

  • Launch a Blog:

Another side hustle is blogging. A blog is a website that contains a lot of write-ups and content revolving around public issues, while a blogger is the one who manages this blog. Bloggers make money by advertising other people’s products on their blog, especially when you already have a considerable following. This is a sure way to send you right on track to achieving bigger dreams and create an online presence.

  • Launch a Youtube channel:

Youtube is a platform that has millions of viewers daily. It is a video-sharing platform where users can watch, like, share, and upload their videos. When you create a Youtube channel and start putting up content, other brands will reach out to you to advertise their products on your channel. This means money for you, along with the money you get from youtube for Adsense, any time someone watches the ads on your videos. The trick to earning big on youtube is to have a massive following to attract big brands and companies to advertise on your channel. This depends on the quality of the content you put up.

  • Ecommerce:

Ecommerce means Electronic Commerce. It is a system of buying and selling products and services using the internet as the marketplace. The advancement in technology has made it possible for buyers to go online, see what they like, and buy it without going to the market or physically visiting the vendor. You can engage in this form of trading as a small business venture. It is not capital intensive because you do not need to rent a shop to start; neither do you need to have all the goods in your possession before advertising online and making sales. It allows you to run the business on your terms, and it is a lucrative side hustle.


Part-time jobs as a freelancer/employee

You could also start earning from a part-time job by offering freelancer services to individuals and companies or becoming employees. This is especially good for people looking for part-time night jobs to engage in at night when they’re mostly free. 

Some of the jobs and companies that offer employments online are:

  • Flexible late-night data entry jobs:

  1. Smart Crowd: You can work from home as a data entry keyer to complete various typing tasks from your home’s convenience at night.
  2. Click worker – This Company requires you to carry out tasks such as web search, editing, data entry, writing, translation, etc. You can log in and work whenever you’re available. The pay starts at about $9 per hour.
  3. Scribie: Scribe hires transcriptionists that can work from home. The pay is $10 per hour.
  4. Play Media: This job requires editing transcripts from home and a minimum of 15 hours of commitment each week.
  5. Rev – Rev hires Translators, Transcriptionist, or both. You can work from home at night and decide your work timeline.


  • Flexible late-night social media jobs:

  1. Appen: This Company requires you to work at least 20 hours every week, but you can decide when you want to work.
  2. ModSquad: If you are an online moderator, this company may need you to moderate social media activity for them from your home.


  • Flexible late-night writing jobs:

  1. – To work for this company, you must be a pretty good writer, and your work must be original. They pay based on all articles’ star ratings; the standard three-star articles will earn you $15 and $17.50 for the above-average ones.
  2. Textbroker: This is a popular U.S writing platform that offers thousands of writing jobs. It allows for flexible work hours and guaranteed payment.


  • Flexible night tutoring jobs:

  1. Imagine learning: This tutoring platform conducts tutoring through Skype. You can teach students virtually and earn money while at it.
  2. VIPKid: This tutoring job offers you the opportunity to teach the English language to Chinese students. You can choose your work schedule, and the pay is up to $22 per hour.


  • Miscellaneous part time night job opportunities:

  1. Aira: Aira offers jobs as Customer Service Agents. Agents can work from home but must meet their technical office requirements.
  2. Fancy Hands: This Company recruits Virtual Assistants who will run necessary errands for the business. This job includes proofreading documents, researching information online, booking a limo, or making dinner plans.
  3. They hire Proofreaders and Editors to work from home during the day and at night. The pay is about $46 per hour. 


Starting a part-time job that you can do at your convenience and make money is not as difficult as most people think about it. You can apply to some of these companies and more online to secure one.

You can also choose to start your own side business following some of the examples I highlighted.

Whatever one you choose, just make sure it’s something you can do at your convenience and earn you enough to cater to the reasons you started it in the first place.


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