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Make Money with Blogging

In the modern world of digitization, every next person is a blogger, so blogging is not a new term anymore. It won’t be wrong if I say while sitting in a group of 50 people, 10 of them must be bloggers. But did you know that these bloggers make money with blogging? Believe me, many bloggers are earning money with blogging. However, only some of them are making a handful amount while others get only a few dollars.

Now you must be thinking about starting your own blog to earn some money. However, you must keep in mind that starting a blog without any guidance or background knowledge will not help you make money, or you will earn a minimal amount. 

If you want to become a famous blogger who can make a lot of money, it is necessary to follow some tips and tricks because the world of blogging is so vast, and there are several easy ways through which you can make money with blogging or online. These ways are very different from making money via sponsored posts and ad sales.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive into our topic about “how to make money with blogging.”


Secrets of making more money with blogging

Undoubtedly, today everyone wants to earn as much as they can. So, the best way to make money is to create ways for your passive income besides your job. Although there are different ways for passive income, the best one is to make money with blogging or online. 

If you follow the Golden rules below, believe me, you will start earning a handsome amount in no time!


1. Sell Your Talent – Become A Coach Or A Mentor

Every person is born with some abilities, and so are you. You don’t need to be a master of all skills, all you need is to find your hidden talent and share it with others. 

If you don’t have a unique talent, you can simply create your food blog to teach and share delicious recipes. 

Wondering why people will join your blog?

Believe me; they love to eat. So if you offer to teach others about how to cook healthy and tasty food, you will get a tremendous response. But you first need to put yourself in a position where you can become a coach or mentor. 

How to set yourself in a differently skilled position?

  • If you are an expert in more than one area, choose one that you think you can communicate better.
  • Make as many “how-to” posts as possible to let people know about your area of expertise. 
  • Share your results.
  • Create a coaching or “work with me” page.
  • Offer exceptional guidance to keep your customers coming back.


2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn a handsome amount of money. In affiliate marketing, you make money in two ways: from visitors and the commission you get when any of your visitors purchase something through the link you provide. 

With affiliate marketing, people make thousands of dollars in a single day. For example, you can sign up with Amazon, GoDaddy, or other major platforms that offer affiliate programs. Choose a product, write a blog that encourages your visitors to buy the product.

I have seen many blogs with a note at the beginning saying, “If you have decided to purchase the product, please click on my affiliate link as I will profit from it. Thank you!”

So you see how easily they convince people to buy through their link. 

What to sell as an affiliate marketer?

  • Before you start selling, do complete research about the products your audience is interested in.
  • Now you have a list of products, don’t start selling them all. You need to be picky; choose a few of them that are related to your niche. 
  • Don’t forget to sign up for the affiliate program. 
  • Share your experience while writing the blog to promote your affiliate product. This will give your audience a sense of trust, and they will be more willing to buy the product. 


3. Offering your services

You may think that this job is quite similar to the one I discussed earlier. But in reality, it’s not. First, I talked about sharing your skills or becoming a coach, but here you are not teaching anyone; you are sharing your time and offering your services. Here you can work for others in several different areas. 

From offering your services as a freelancer to working as a virtual assistant, you have a long list to offer your services. One of my friends is a freelance writer and earns a 6 figure salary every month. So, whatever skills you have, offer them to others. 

How to convince people to buy your services?

  • Write a blog that highlights how important your niche is. For example, if you are a social media manager, you can post articles about how important it is to hire a social media manager for your business. 
  • Add your services at the end of the post.
  • Share your successful results.


3. Don’t rely on others; sell your own products.

So far, we have talked about selling products for others to get some commission. But did you know you can sell your own products by blogging, whether physical or digital? All you need is to convince your audience to buy your product. This is the platform where your passive income comes into action. 

Your product could be anything that can help the audience in many ways.

How to sell your product?

Since you are not a brand, it might be difficult for you to draw the audience’s attention to your product. But with the tips I have shared below, you will definitely make your first sale very soon. 

  • Conduct a survey that will give insight into people’s interest
  • Think before you launch your product, whether it’s an e-book or any other product. Remember that it should be the viewer’s choice. 
  • Make your product their need through blogging.
  • Exceptional sales skills, a better conversational approach to answering inquiries, so they are convinced of your product. 


In a nutshell

To make money with blogging is not easy, but it’s not hard either. All you need is to be very smart and patient because “slow and steady wins the race.” Don’t run too fast to make money. Remember that making money from blogging will take some time, but no one can stop you once you start at the right pace. So what are you waiting for? Start blogging today. Best of luck to you! 

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