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how to make 1000$ in a week.

You need to make fast cash, right? That’s not an issue because there are several ways to do that. If you want to know how to make 1000$ in a week, you are in the right place.

Some ways you can make at least 1000$ in a week are:

Having an Online Garage Sale

This garage sale isn’t the stereotypical one you are used to. This is different because you are doing it online. You don’t have to go through the stress of setting up stands and items to sell, and you would actually make more money selling online from the comfort of your home. 

First off, you have to set up an account on popular online trading sites like Craigslist or Kijiji. And did I tell you that creating an account with these sites is actually free? Totally free, you don’t have to spend a dime. 

After creating an account, you need to take good photographs of your items. These pictures should be eye-catching, getting the customers’ attention. 

So how can you take good photographs of your items? It’s the lighting! Get good lighting, and you would get the attention of buyers. Here are some hints:

  • Take your shots in natural light
  • If it is dark outside and you have to shoot indoors, ensure to use a lighting kit.
  • If you don’t have a lighting kit, take the shots of your items in front of a whiteboard that is non-reflective.
  • Edit the photos of your items (avoid unnecessary editing). 
  • Open the online trading account you created earlier, set up an advertisement, and upload your items’ photos. 

Then post it! You would receive an email from the site to confirm your posting. You can decide to post other related things on the page or post each advert for an item separately. With patience and honesty, you can sell your stuff and make 1000$ in a week.



Pick on a topic you love to talk about and start blogging. With a good topic and content, you can begin making 1000$ in a week. 

Write about something that you find interesting so that creating the blog would come easy and enjoyable for you. It would also be interesting to the readers because your blog would be conversational. When many people visit your blog, you can place advertisements in them and start making 1000$ in a week!

How to Write an Ebook

Write an E-book

Doing this used to be difficult, but it isn’t anymore. 

You can write a book about something you are very knowledgeable about and get it published. You even publish your book by yourself.

It works like this: First of all, you write a book. You can publish the e-book on Kindle. With Createspace, you can create a hard copy of the book. 

Market your book across the internet on different media podiums.

Depending on the program you selected, amazon takes from 25-75 percent of the book price. There are other platforms like Nook Books that you can also use.

Each month money is deposited into your account.


Website Designing

Website designing may seem like a thing meant for only people with high IQs, but it really isn’t like that. You can create a website by yourself using platforms like WordPress.

These platforms make it easy to for you to design your site through template are already available.

You just have to input your information, like the name of your site what it is about. You will make money doing this because not many people have the time to learn website designing. And it is very much needed in society.

So get familiar with the platform you want to use, advertise your services online, and you can start making 1000$ in a week!

Make money with craft making

Craft Making

If you are talented at crafting, then you start making a lot of money through online sales. There are people out there who want crafted items and would go for good works of art, so what are you waiting for? Go for it!

With sites like Esty, you can have a profile and post pictures of the incredible crafts you made yourself. Craft sites like Esty have people that are looking for good crafts, so you are sure of potential customers waiting to give you money for your works. You could make 1000$ in a week doing this!


Create Online Courses

People want to increase knowledge, and you could have a successful business as an online tutor. You can create a course on any topic you are very knowledgeable in and make 1000$ in a week and more even!

Your courses can include video tutorials, photographs, graphs, and other teaching aids that would be fun to use and make the course more interesting and understandable. Sites you can use to post your courses are Udemy and Coursera, among others.

How to sell a domain name

Buying and Selling Domain Names

You can buy domain names and resell them again for more profits. Then create a website for your domain, create some reliable content, and start making up to 1000$ in a week. You don’t even need to create a website for domain names. Just get a buyer that would buy your domain name and start making money. 


Start a YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel is quick and easy, but growing it is not. You won’t start making money immediately, but you can get famous and start making money with perseverance.

Ensure that your channel should be about something you are really good at, with fun and interesting content. In time your channel will grow, and you can earn 1000$ in a week and higher even!

Etsy Printables

Sell Your Designs

You can learn graphic designing, logo creation, and nice-looking word designs. You can start selling your designs on fabrics, t-shirts, bags, pillows, mugs, and many other products. 

There are sites where you can upload your designs, and people can make orders for them to be done on different products of their choice. You can even create a design that they want and get it done the product they want it done on. If you are good, you’ll get more customers and make more money.

Some sites to check out are:

You can make 1000$ in a week, selling your designs.


Affiliate Marketing

You can promote the business of local businesses. Another thing you can do is to promote them at trade shows, hand our flyers, or promote the business online through social media. You should find a local business group on social media like Facebook to find companies interested in your offer. Make sure what you have to offer is appealing and direct so you can catch their interest. 

Working as an Affiliate marketer, you can make 1000$ a week.

So with whatever method you decide to use, you can start making 1000$ in a week now!

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