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Being an adult is tough, don’t you agree? Half the time, you’re dealing with your insecurities, which are system-programmed in grown-ups. The other half is spent googling how to do stuff. Case-in-point is you here trying to find a side hustle. So guess what? You’ve caught your lucky break because I’m going to show you how to make 10000$ a month remotely.

Adulting is more comfortable with Benjamin Franklin’s notes (raised to the power of 100) in your purse. Sure, “Money cannot buy happiness,” or so they say. I say, “fair enough,” although I wonder, “What exactly can being broke afford in real-time?”

I’ll be sharing proven and result-oriented side jobs that could create as much or even better income than your current job, if you have any. I should disclose now that a side hustle is demanding; you’ve got to put in the work. Dreaming of financial security is free, but to hustle, one must pay the price. A little dedication and devotion could change your life because good things definitely happen to folks who hustle. Here is the list of 5 side hustles so you know how to make 10000$ a month:


1. Blogging

Blogging requires the creation of valuable content and having a loyal audience. The readers must have a reason to subscribe to your blog because they can see the value. Your content could base on anything but certainly not everything. It’s important to carve a niche for yourself; you know what they say about the jack of all trades. The reason for niching down is that you want your blog to become an authority in that space. Blogging about sports, books, financial literacy, food, spiritual values, etc., is a great way to gain traction from sections of the internet passionate about these aspects of life and willing to pay for value.

This is why it’s salient to plan your blog business concept before getting started. It’s not just about writing blog posts; it’s about building a blog that can be a business. When deciding on the theme of your blog content, brainstorm about the different ways you might be able to monetize your site and traffic down the road. Ask yourself the following:

• Can I write about it for 6-12 months without running out of content?
• How can I monetize this topic in the long run? (product creation, affiliate marketing, etc.)
• Are there currently advertisers in Google search for related keywords in this aspect?
• What can I learn from other money brewing blogs in this niche?

Etsy Printables

2. Etsy Printables

Did you know you can make money on Etsy selling printables? Printables are digital files, such as PDFs, purchased, downloaded, and printed out on home printers. Making money with printables is gaining popularity by the day. This is because printables can be printed at home instantly, entirely dispensing with the need for delivery.

Examples are calendar planners, meal planners, financial planners, jar labels for your spice rack, grocery store checklists, printable wall art, clip-art illustrations, etc. Selling printables is the ultimate passive income. You can invest just 1-2 weeks a year making printables that would bring you thousands of dollars the rest of the year. This is residual income through and through. The benefits of this side hustle are:

• Printables are made once and for all but are capable of creating recurring passive income
• There’s little capital involved on your end
• They can instantly be downloaded and printed with customer’s home or office
• You can make $10,000+ a year depending on how much time and effort you exert


3. Sales on Amazon

Over 100,000,000 Amazon Prime members, yet there is sufficient space for you to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, alongside every one of them. Selling on Amazon is a legit way to make good money. New Amazon sellers are profiting between $26,000-$810,000 per annum. What does it take to start selling on Amazon? Like any other business, selling on Amazon will involve some expenses and fees in the form of capital on your part, but what makes Amazon FBA so appealing is that it simplifies that for sellers. You simply select a product, get it to Amazon’s warehouses, set up your Amazon listing, and Amazon takes over from there on out, after which you start seeing sales and profits. Amazon sellers don’t need to spend too much time on their Amazon businesses. 30 minutes a day is sufficient to make you over $10,000.

Make 10000 a month

4. FB Ads Manager

Ads Manager is the starting point for running ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or Audience Network. It is a tool for creating ads, managing where and when they run, and tracking the ad campaign’s performance. It doesn’t matter if this is your first ad gig; Ads Manager is a powerful ad tool designed for advertisers at any level of experience so long as you have a smartphone or a computer. The Ads Manager app is accessible on Apple and Google stores, enabling you to keep an eye on your campaign while you are on the go and still access Ads Manager’s functionalities.


5. Affiliate Marketing

Marketing as an affiliate is a sure way of expanding your wallet’s weight, but it takes a little bit of work. You can make money through affiliate marketing while you sleep – good money too – but that would be after you put in the work. Affiliate marketing involves an online retailer paying you a commission for clicks or sales generated from your referrals. It’s a classic advertising strategy in a less intrusive way. Rather than promoting a product on your website with visual advertisements, you simply embed the product link in your content. Affiliate marketing is especially effective if you are a blogger with tons of readers.

To be an affiliate, you basically:
• Recommend a product or service to your followers through your website, blog, or email list.
• Encourage your followers to purchase the product or service using your affiliate link.
• Get paid a commission for the sales made with your link.


These were 5 ideas of side hustle so you know how to make 10000$ a month online. Which one is your favorite?

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