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People talk a lot about earning 6 figures, 7 figures or even 8 figures, but do they really know how much is 6 figures? Or how much is 7 or 8 figures? Well, if you have heard people say they make 6 figures, and you are probably wondering about the meaning of that, just know that you aren’t the only one asking. 

I love talking about money and how you can make some for yourself as well. So you can count on this post for all the answers you need on how much is 6 figures, 7 figures or 8 figures. Make sure you read this article thoroughly, so you don’t miss anything. You will be introduced to things like:

  • How much is a 6, 7, or 8 figure salary?
  • The kind of jobs you can do to earn that income
  • Part-time side hustles you can do to make 100,000 USD or more
  • How you can make huge cash even if you don’t have a degree
  • And other useful information.

Be rest assured. I can tell you the meaning of all these figures you have been hearing. Not only do I know how much is 6 figures, but I also earn that amount from my daily job, side hustles, and money-generating ideas. So let’s get started. 

What’s the Worth of a Figure?

For starters, a figure and a digit are the same. But since we are talking about money, a figure means $1 to $9. Regardless of the amount, $1 or $5, that number, in particular, is a figure or a single digit. Thus, let’s say you make $9.99, which means you are making one figure.

6 Figures

We will begin with questions that are related to 6 figures. You will also be introduced to some ideas you can use to earn extra cash as a side hustle from your home’s comfort.

How much is six figures, and how is it related to money?

Anything between 100,000.00 USD to 999,999.99 USD is considered as 6 figures. Anytime you hear someone say they make 6 figures, just know they earn between 100,000 USD to 999,000 USD. To answer the question, “how much is 6 figures?” It means earning at least 100,000 dollars but not above 999,000 dollars.

How much is $100k?

Well, some individuals fancy abbreviating a lot of things, including money. When you hear someone say they make a 100k, the K means 1000. For instance, if a friend should say he makes $100k yearly on blogging, what he means is that he makes $300,000. So that you know, you can earn that amount of cash each year on blogging.

What kind of side hustle can I do to earn 6 figures?

You can earn as high as $100k with side hustles. Some side hustles will require lots of time and effort at first, and others can stress-less and easy. Here are some side hustles you can do to earn extra cash:

  • Blogging: I own the blog you are reading this post on how much is 6 figures. And I earn more than $120l yearly, managing my blog as a part-time hustle. Most of the money I make is through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and so on. You can start your blog for as low as $2.95 per month if you click here.
  • Renting a room: If you live in a busy city frequently visited by tourists and you have a spare bedroom that’s well decorated, you can rent it out through Airbnb to make money.
  • Investing money: you can earn a lot of money when you invest, but it may not be the ticket you need to make 6 figures yearly. Investing money in the stock market or real estate using platforms like Fundrise can help you generate extra cash.

People earning 6 figures, are they rich?

There are two answers to this question. Yes and No. If you earn the low end of six figures, let’s say a hundred thousand dollars, then it’s possible you are living comfortably. But if you are making at least $200k, then you are considered wealthy. If you make $300k and above, you are part of the top 1% of earners in the United States.

How much is 6 figures? I am pretty sure you can answer this question correctly after reading this far. Plus, you are now familiar with side hustles that can help you make such amount.

Let’s discuss 7 figures.

A 7 figure is anything between $1,000,000 and $9,999,999. There are several ways to depict this salary. 1 million would be $1,000,000 and 1M is still the same as $1,000,000. Now you know the difference between 6 figures and 7 figures.

How to make seven figures

There are different ways or jobs you can do to make 7 figures every year. Some may require lots of time and effort, and others may require little time and effort. From my research, I discovered some useful ideals of people who make earn 7 figures.

  • Diversification: If you have noticed, people who are exceptionally reach have a diversified portfolio. They have many investments in the United States, and outside the U.S., They have investments in real estate, stocks, art, and so on.
  • Niche down: You need to choose a particular niche and direct your focus and energy to it. That’s what most of these people do. For instance, Ryan’s Toy Review is all about toys, and that show makes more than eight figures yearly. It’s well niched down and has totally zeroed into its targeted audience, children. 
  • Scaling their efforts: People who earn this high go beyond and above to expand and grow their business(es). 
  • Learning: Another thing I discovered about these people is that learning is a continuous process for them. Bill Gates, for example, loves to read books at all times. People earning this much never stop learning, and they enjoy doing it.
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