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11 rich life style habits that make people become wealthy

Developing wealth is not just something that happens out of the blues. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication, among other things. Take a...

Tips to working from home: 15 ways to improve your productivity

The job market these days has become increasingly home-based, and companies now depend massively on remote workers. From freelancers, tutors,...

Learn to Say No with Warren Buffett’s Success Strategy

The brains behind and current CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett, is arguably one of the world’s most proficient and accomplished investors...
10 Simple Ways to Improve self Instantly

10 Simple Ways to Improve self Instantly

There are two key things to consider before you embark on the quest to improve your life. First, improving your life is a continuous process. It is something you have to review or work on regularly, not making a big gesture, concluding that it is over. Secondly,...

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How to set Goals and achieve them

How to set Goals and achieve them

What will you be doing in the next five years, or where will you be? When you ask yourself this question, are you clear about what your primary objective at work is currently? Are you familiar with what you want to achieve before the day comes to an end? Not sure how...

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